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Intake of foreign talent from Mexico has spiked



A combination of offshoring and nearshore development centers can help alleviate some of the headwinds. We note that IT companies with presence in Mexico and Canada have the option of leveraging TN visas to send workers to the US. Unlike H-1B visas, TN visas have no application timeline, are quicker and cheaper to process, have no annual quota and can be renewed indefinitely. All IT companies have presence in both these geos. Hexaware has indicated plans of hiring local talent in Mexico and then moving employees to the US, using TN visa if necessary, to combat talent shortage. We find that number of TN visas issued from Mexico has been steadily rising in recent quarters suggesting a possibility of IT companies using this route to satisfy demand requirements onsite. We presume that extremely low number of TN visas from Canada is mainly due to Canadian professionals opting for non-TN visa route to enter the US.

Last updated: 1 year ago

Data: US Bureau of Consular Affairs (via Kotak)

Last updated: 1 year ago  |  Data: US Bureau of Consular Affairs (via Kotak)