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Make yours a personalized proposal



The biggest complaint from buyers is that the proposals they receive are more about the selling company than they are the buyer. Buyers clearly want a proposal which focuses on them, their problems, needs and the outcomes they seek. They want a proposal personalized to them, and one which goes beyond inserting their name occasionally.

Learning how to write a proposal that shows you hear and understand your clients every concern is not that difficult. All you have to do is keep in mind that different clients will always have their own special concerns and priorities, and from there you can draft your proposal in such a way that focuses on providing a solution to those specific problems and concerns. Take note of the points and concerns the buyer raises Learning how to write a proposal with a “personal” touch goes further than promoting what you’re selling and telling the client or buying company how your product or service will solve their problems. Always remember that a winning proposal is one that puts the buying company at the forefront. Your proposal should read more like you’re providing a solution, rather than selling a product.

Carefully taking note of the points and concerns the buyer raises, as well as their perceived risks in implementing your proposed solution, will serve as the foundation of your proposal. Once you have identified the prospects issues and concerns, you can then proceed to drafting a proposal which clearly notes that you understand them and will be addressing them. It’s better to turn for help of proffecional services such as in case you don’t sure that you can do it right.

List all these concerns and provide solutions to reassure the buyer Knowing the buyer’s issues and concerns is essential because they will serve as your compass for writing a proposal that will make the client feel that it was written specifically for them.

Having set down the issues, concerns and needs, it pays to describe the outcomes your client seeks. Then you need only state how your proposed solution overcomes each issue and delivers the desired outcome.

In this way, you have created a fully personalized proposal which focuses fully on the buying organization. By writing a proposal in this way, you will satisfy the buyer, who will recognize they are dealing with a supplier who is entirely focused on serving the interests of their clients.

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