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Indians believe the company/driver should pay for cancelling a ride



The cases of drivers cancelling rides and leaving the passengers in a lurch are common. When the passengers book a cab, the driver calls them to confirm their destination and if does not want to go there, he either cancels the ride himself or asks the passenger to do so. The last question asked what the taxi app companies should be penalised if the company or driver cancels a ride requested by a passenger. 55% said a fixed amount of Rs. 50 should be credited to thee customer account while 35% said an amount equivalent to 10% of the ride fare should be credited to customer account. 7% said to penalty should be imposed while a small 3% said they don’t use app-based taxis.

Last updated: 1 year ago

Data: LocalCircles

Last updated: 1 year ago  |  Data: LocalCircles